Card present payments

Card present payments


You apply for a card acceptance agreement online. Once we receive your information, we begin processing your application. S5 works with a number of different international acquiring banks. This ensures you the best possible agreement with the most favorable terms and conditions.


Processing your application normally takes 7-10 working days, depending on the extent of your business and your profile. We keep in contact with the acquiring bank to ensure a smooth process. Once the agreement has been issued, we will send it to the authorized signatory(ies) of your company.


Once the agreement has been established, we will receive your new merchant id from the acquiring bank. We then activate this new id on your card payment terminal. All configuration takes place ”in the cloud” and we can activate your new agreement without needing the terminal sent in to be updated.


One stop shop

S5 can provide you with card payment terminals, card acceptance agreements and payment gateway in one combined package, in Denmark and the rest of the world. Our unique payment gateway makes it possible for your business to consolidate all payments onto one platform, even across borders, using multiple channels. While maintaining the highest level of payment security and smoothness of operations, this makes S5 a one stop shop to cover all your payment needs. Reach out to one of our dedicated staff members and start planning your road map towards establishing an agreement that is tailored to suit your payment needs.

Banks across the world

S5 provides the foundation on which you can build an international payment solution, based on the best agreements, the strongest payment gateway and a dedicated team of payment experts to support you. Everything combined into a full payment package, giving your business the competitive edge needed to florish in a competitive, global market. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and let us begin expanding your business together.

Payment gateway


S5’s payment gateway is one of the few in the world which is PCI DSS P2PE certified (Point-to-point-encryption). This is your guarantee for the highest achievable security rating to protect card data.


S5’s payment gateway can be used globally. This makes it the obvious choice for businesses working in multiple countries. This way you only need our payment gateway to cover all your payment needs.


Our omni-channel payment gateway connects to banks all over the world. Online payments and card present payments merge, across country borders, giving you global market access.


Using our payment gateway, shoppers can use their preferred local payment cards in your stores. We support most local cards on one gateway, something unique in the payments world.